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WolneLektury.pl API resides under https://wolnelektury.pl/api/. You can use it to access information about books, their fragments and their metadata.

Default data serialization format is JSON, but you can also use XML by appending ?format=xml query parameter to each URL.

The URLs in WolneLektury.pl API are:

Each element of those lists contains a link (in a "href") attibute which points to individual resource's details, i.e.: /api/books/studnia-i-wahadlo/ or /api/authors/edgar-allan-poe/.

You can combine authors, epochs, genres and kinds to find only books matching those criteria. For instance: /api/authors/adam-mickiewicz/kinds/liryka/books/.

If you only want top-level books and not all the children, you can use /parent_books/, as in: /api/authors/adam-mickiewicz/kinds/liryka/parent_books/.

The same way, using also books and themes, you can search for a list of fragments: /api/authors/william-shakespeare/themes/zabawa/fragments/. Again, each entry has a "href" attribute which links to the fragment's details, i.e.: .


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