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API API resides under You can use it to access information about books, their fragments and their metadata.

Default data serialization format is JSON, but you can also use XML by appending ?format=xml query parameter to each URL.

The URLs in API are:

Each element of those lists contains a link (in a "href") attibute which points to individual resource's details, i.e.: /api/books/studnia-i-wahadlo/ or /api/authors/edgar-allan-poe/.

You can combine authors, epochs, genres and kinds to find only books matching those criteria. For instance: /api/authors/adam-mickiewicz/kinds/liryka/books/.

If you only want top-level books and not all the children, you can use /parent_books/, as in: /api/authors/adam-mickiewicz/kinds/liryka/parent_books/.

The same way, using also books and themes, you can search for a list of fragments: /api/authors/william-shakespeare/themes/zabawa/fragments/. Again, each entry has a "href" attribute which links to the fragment's details, i.e.: .


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