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The team

Paulina Choromańska – project coordinator, production editor, coordinator of the volunteering and practical trainings program; graduate of the Information and Book Studies at Warsaw University.

Jan Szejko – programmer, works with the full technological stack from server configuration to frontend. Computer science and mathematics graduate of University of Warsaw.

Dorota A. Kowalska – literary editor, linguist, specialist in the field of Polish studies, Slavist, PhD holder. She is an assistant professor in Pracownia Polszczyzny Kresowej at the Institute of the Polish Language, Polish Academy of Sciences, where she works on the history and the present of the Polish language in Ukraine. As a hobby, she sings Ukrainian and Russian archaic songs and cycles.

Paweł Kozioł – literary editor. B. 1979, he is a PhD holder specializing in classic literature and graduate of the Faculty of Polish Studies, Warsaw University and Dulwich College in London. A poet, literary critic, the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage scholarship holder (2010).

Aleksandra Sekuła - literary historian, holds a humanities Ph.D, graduate of the Faculty of Polish Studies at Warsaw University and the School of Social Sciences at the Polish Academy of Sciences. In her professional work as well as academic research she investigates the topics of Polish romanticism, the history of ideas and the theory of culture.

Wojciech Kotwica - technical editor, graduate of the Cracow University of Technology. He has worked as a translator for Projekt Tłumaczenia Manuali, and translated "Gawk: Effective AWK Programming". During 2001-2007 he simultaneously acted as a translator of the GNU Project website and a coordinator of a group of translators involved in the project. He has co-translated the book "Free Culture". Since 2012 a collaborator of the project Wolne Lektury. His interests include ancient history, literature and popular science books.

Aleksandra Kopeć - technical editor, graduate of Journalism Studies at the University of Warsaw. She is currently undergoing further studies in the field of Polish Philology with special focus on the literature and culture of the late nineteenth and early twentieth century as well as cognitive linguistics. In her free time she likes to observe the stars. Her areas of interests include literature and science-fiction cinema.


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