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Persephone — Greek goddes of vegetation, daughter of Demeter and Zeus, abducted by Hades, god of underworld; her Roman counterpart is Proserpine. [przypis edytorski]

Phoebus — Apollo, Greek god of sun. [przypis edytorski]

phratry — subdivision of a tribe; marriages within it are usually prohibited. [przypis edytorski]

Pluto — Roman god of the underworld, equivalent of Greek god Hades. [przypis edytorski]

prima facie (Latin) — at first sight. [przypis edytorski]

Primilivt Society, Chap. on „Justice”, p. 387, English edition. [przypis autorski]

primus inter pares (Latin) — the first among the equals. [przypis edytorski]

Professor C G. Seligman, op. cit., Chapters XXXV, XXXVI, XXXVII. [przypis autorski]

Professor C. G. Seligman, op. cit., pp. 170 and 171; 187 and 188 about the Koita and Motu; and B. Malinowski, The Mailu, pp. 647–652. [przypis autorski]

Professor C. G. Seligman, op. tit., p. 93, states that arm-shells, toea, as they are called by the Motu, are traded from the Port Moresby district westward to the Gulf of Papua. Among the Motu and Koita, near Port Moresby, they are highly valued, and nowadays attain very high prices, up to £30, much more than is paid for the same article among the Massim. [przypis autorski]

Professor Seligman has described the belief in similar beings on the North-East Coast of New Guinea. At Gelaria, inland of Bartle Bay, the flying witches can produce a double, or „sending”, which they call labuni. „Labuni exists within women, and can be commanded by any woman who has had children. … It was said that the labuni existed in, or was derived from, an organ called ipona, situated in the flank, and literally meaning egg or eggs”. op. cit., p. 640. The equivalence of beliefs here is evident. [przypis redakcyjny]

Proserpine — Roman goddess of spring, spending winter in the underworld as a wife of Pluto; equivalent of Greek Persephone. [przypis edytorski]


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