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Sappho (c. 612 BC–c. 570 BC) — a female Greek lyric poet. [przypis edytorski]

scholia (Latin) — glosses, notes. [przypis edytorski]

See article by the Author on the Baloma, spirits of the dead in the Trobriand Islands, J. A. I., 1917. [przypis autorski]

See C. G. Seligman, The Melanesians of British New Guinea, Cambridge, 1910. [przypis autorski]

See Table in the Introduction, and also Chapters XVI and XX. [przypis autorski]

See the Author's article, Baloma, Spirits of the Dead, Part VII, J. R. A. I., 1917, where this statement has been substantiated with abundant vidence. Further information obtained during another expedition to the Trobriands, established by an additional wealth of detail the complete ignorance f physiological fatherhood. [przypis autorski]

See the Author's article Baloma, Spirits of the Dead, quoted above. [przypis autorski]

See the Author's Memoir in the „Transactions of the Royal Society of S. Australia”. The Natives of Mailu, pp. 580-588. [przypis autorski]

See the Author's Memoir, The Natives of Mailu in „Transactions of the R. Society of S. Australia” for 1915, p. 598. [przypis autorski]

Simonides of Ceos (c. 556–468 BC) — a Greek lyric poet, renowned for his epitaphs. [przypis edytorski]

Sipylus — a mountain often mentioned in Greek mythology, presently Mount Spil in Turkey. [przypis edytorski]

status quo (Latin) — the current state of affairs. [przypis edytorski]

Steinmetz, Ethnologiscke Studien zur ersten Entwichelung der Strafe, 1894; Durkheim in L'Année Sociologique, i. pp. 353 sqq.; Mauss in Revue de l'Histoire des Religions, 1897. [przypis autorski]

sub rosa — (Latin idiom) secretly. [przypis edytorski]

Such reconstructions are legitimate for an Ethnographer, as well as for a historian. But it is a duty of the former as well as of the latter to show his sources as well as to explain how he has manipulated them. In one of the next chapters, Chapter XVIII, Divisions XIV-XVII, a sample of this methodological aspect of the work will be given, although the full elaboration of sources and methods must be postponed to another publication. [przypis redakcyjny]