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George Orwell - Rok 1984

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Help free the book!

Support new Polish translation of George Orwell's fundamental novel "Year 1984"!

Last years have shown clearly that the grim scenarios of strict surveillance and control on entire societies become reality. No one has described these mechanisms more accurately than George Orwell in his legendary book "Year 1984". That is why we want to promote this particular book in Poland and distribute it for free..

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. Wolne Lektury is the most popular online library in Poland, reaching out to hundreds of thousands of young people. By promoting this book in our library, we will reach thousands of readers at the most important time of their lives - the time when their political views are formed. We believe that Orwell is the vaccine for totalitarianism!
Why are we doing a new translations? Although Orwell's works are now in public domain, all Polish translation are copyrighted so we can't distribute any of them for free.
Wolne Lektury is an online library. Our mission is to make books available free of charge for the maximum possible publicity and reach. This is how we want to distribute Orwell's work, fundamental for understanding oppressive political systems. That's not all: the new translation will be published under a Free Art License, so literally EVERYONE will be able to legally distribute it without any restrictions.
Why do we need that amount of money? We want to fairly pay a translator doing responsible work for us that requires several months of focus. That is why we use the rates recommended by the Polish Translators Association. The crowdfunding covers only the cost of the translator's work and editing and proofreading of this translation. We will cover the rest of the costs from our own resources..

If you are making a donation by bank transfer, please let us know if you would like your name to appear among the thank-you notes and if you would like to receive a gift. Send an e-mail to wolnelektury@nowoczesnapolska.org.pl with a name of the book as a title.

The portrait of George Orwell used on the book cover comes from commons.wikimedia.org.

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Tytuł przelewu: Darowizna na Wolne Lektury -Rok 1984

We need 18750 zł to digitize it, compile it and publish for free in multiple formats.

If we raise enough money before April 19, 2021 we will publish it and make it available for everyone.

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