Spis treści

      Stanisław Ignacy WitkiewiczA Portrait Companytłum. Jarek Zawadzki


      Today or tomorrow

      On a claret paper clean and smug,

      I have to get it done

      With your sucker's mug.


      What a filthy trade it is to paint.

      What a filthy, filthy trade,

      To limn each puss with no complaint,

      And only to be poorly paid.

      It's no great fun, I say,


      To paint a janitor all day,

      And for some bread

      Explore the stupid head[1]



      This stanza is originally in French: Quel sâle métier que la peinture./ Quel sâle, quel sâle métier./ On peint chaque geule sans murmure,/ Pour avoir un peu de la monnaie./ [przypis redakcyjny]

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