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Jan Kochanowski, Song XXV

Jan Kochanowski

Song XXV

tłum. Jarek Zawadzki

Spis treści

      Jan KochanowskiSong XXVtłum. Jarek Zawadzki

      What wishest Thou for all the lavish gifts of Thine?
      What for Thy benefactions boundless and divine?
      The Church cannot contain Thee, Thou art everywhere:
      Down in the depths and seas, in the earth and in the air.
      For gold Thou cravest not, belongeth all to Thee
      Whate'er on earth a man his own may claim to be.
      And so with grateful hearts we worship Thee, O Lord,
      Because no better offering can we afford.
      Thou rul'st the world, and Thou alone hast made the sky,
      With golden stars that shine so finely there on high.
      Thou hast laid the foundations of the earth immense,
      Its naked plains lie covered with Thy herbage dense.
      The seas abide within their shores by Thy command,
      For they dare not outside the drafted bounds expand;
      The days and eves observe their timing all year round;
      And all the brooks and streams in water now abound.
      By Thy decree, all sundry flowers in Spring are born,
      Likewise a grain-ear wreath shall Summer's head adorn.
      Fresh wine and varied apples Autumn doth beget.
      And only then the Winter comes, when all is set.
      And by Thy grace sweet dew may on dull herbage fall,
      And sun-burnt crops the rain will soon to life recall.
      All animals in search of food resort to Thee:
      Thou feedest them out of Thy generosity.
      Be praised our everlasting Lord! Be praised for ever!
      Thy grace and Thy benevolence depleting never!
      Look after us on earth if Thou but wishest, oh,
      And with Thy wings please cover us that walk below!