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      Adam AsnykA Sonnet (One Heart)tłum. Jarek Zawadzki


      One heart, one heart is all I'm dreaming of

      One heart upon this sullen earth I seek.

      A heart to tremble with my heart in love,

      So that I be a meek one mid the meek.


      One pair of lips, wherefrom my lips for aye

      Would drink the drink of joy with no constraints.

      Two eyes that I could marvel at each day,

      And see myself a saint among the saints.

      One heart I need, two hands both soft and white


      To veil my eyes and gently bar the light,

      So I may fall asleep and by a touch

      Of an angel’s cheek be carried to the sky.

      One heart, one heart, so little though need I,

      I see and know that I demand too much.

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