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      Adam AsnykOh, Void Complaintstłum. Jarek Zawadzki


      Oh, void complaints and vain endeavor,

      Abortive woes and fruitless pain.

      The past no miracle will ever

      Return to former life again.


      The world shall never, backward going,

      Return your scanty dreams, no chance!

      No sharpened sword, no fire a-glowing

      May stop the rushing thought's advance.

      It is the living we must follow,


      And leave the former life beneath.

      Abandon the persistence hollow,

      Shake off the withered laurel wreath!

      Unstopped the waves of life proceeding!

      No aid in protests you may raise.


      Oh, useless wrath and futile pleading!

      The world shall follow its own ways.

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