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      Adam AsnykNo, Nothing Happened Theretłum. Jarek Zawadzki


      No, nothing happened there between us two.

      Confessions none, no secrets to reveal.

      No obligations had we to pursue,

      But for the springtide fancies so unreal;


      But for the fragrances and colors bright

      That floated freely in the mirthful air,

      But for the singing groves by day or night,

      And all the green and fragrant meadows there;

      But for the brooks and waterfalls up high


      That cheerfully sprinkled every gorge and dell,

      But for the clouds and rainbows in the sky,

      But for the nature's of all sweetest spell.

      But for the lucid fountains we did share,

      Wherefrom our hearts would drink delights so true,


      But for the primroses and bindweeds there,

      No, nothing happened there between us two.

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